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Sirona Menstrual Cup Wash is specifically formulated with mild surfactants to thoroughly clean your cup, while protecting it and your skin from residue or irritants. Made using only premium ingredients, the wash cleanses and sanitizes your menstrual cup, while saving its silicone from degrading.


Maintains HygieneIt is necessary to clean your cup between 2 cycles and also during the course of your menstrual flow to maintain the highest level of hygiene. Use Sirona Menstrual Cup wash and stay away from odour, infections, and rashes.


No Formaldehyde

The menstrual cup wash is made using only mild surfactants without any harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Commonly used as a preservative in various everyday products, this chemical compound can cause irritation, rashes, and skin inflation.


No Paraben

The menstrual cup wash is specifically formulated without any chemicals and paraben in it, as these can cause irritation and harm the skin.


No Sulphate

The menstrual cup wash is made using only mild surfactants to clean your cup without any sulphates. Sulphate is commonly used in products as a foaming agent but can be really harmful in the long run.


Removes Odour

Sirona’s Hygienic Menstrual Cup Wash removes secretion, blood, and unpleasant odour, leaving your cup clean with a calming fragrance of the wild rose.


Safe for Skin

Maintaining intimate health is an essential part of feminine wellness and care. Keep your menstrual cup squeaky clean and your intimate areas happy with the natural goodness of Sirona’s Hygienic Menstrual cup wash which is completely safe for both, your skin and the cup.


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380.00400.00 (-5%)