Photoderm Creme 50+SPF-40ml


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When the sun shines, we receive 2 types of UV rays at the surface of our skin:
– represents 5% of the UV spectrum
– are responsible of visible effects such as tanning or sunburns.

– represent 95% of the UV spectrum
– penetrate deeply on the skin layers
– are responsible of invisible effects such as oxidative stress and the decrease of skin immune defenses which lead to visible effects such as skin aging and skin cancers.

To avoid these effects and rather than overloading the skin with filters, BIODERMA has created SUN ACTIVE DEFENSE, the high-technology sun protection, reinforced against UVA rays. It combines UV filters and a patented biological protection that improves the capacity of the skin to defend itself to help maintain long-lasting care of its health in the sun and allow:
+24% Protection of skin immune defenses*
+26% Protection against oxidative stress*

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Photoderm Creme 50+SPF-40ml


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