Virgin Coconut oil (True Derma)


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  • Minimize Dandruff
  • Remove Eye Makeup
  • Dab on as Eye Cream
  • Make a DIY lip scrub & Lip Balm
  • Hydrate dry hands
  • Shave your legs
  • Nourish dry cuticles etc
  • Extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO) has dramatically recover the condition of both Skin and Hair, Preventing Wrinkles and making your tresses stronger and shinier

Suitable For:

  • Increasing medium chain fatty acid- lauric acid which is the plentiful in virgin coconut oil.
  • Tranformation into monoglyceride, monoluarin, the actual compound responsible for helping to strengthen our immune system.
  • Absorption of Healthy MCTs (Medium Chain Fatty acids) easily, carried by portal vein to the liver & oxidised very quickly without a need to digest & emulsify.

Direction for use:

  • Take sufficient quantity and massage skin.
  • Use as normal hair oil on scalp

Special Attributes

  • Unlike ordinary coconut oil, which is made from Copra, Virgin Coconut Oil is produced from fresh coconuts within 2 hours of opening the nuts.
  • Not Refined, Bleached and Deodorised (RBD) as in the case of Copra Coconut Oil and thus the Oil is free from any chemicals and solvents.
  • Rapidly metabolised by the human body and is an excellent source of energy.
  • It is uniquely rich in Lauric Acid (more than 50%) a prime ingredient in mother’s milk, which builds up an infant’s immune system.

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Virgin Coconut oil (True Derma)


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